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Health Tip: Eat More Mediterranean Foods

(HealthDay News) -- Following a Mediterranean diet offers plenty of health benefits, but as a bonus, such foods can be kid-friendly.

Here's how to include Mediterranean-style foods in your meals:

  • Focus on fruit, veggies and whole grains. Instead of building a meal around meat, opt for pasta and veggies, a veggie-based soup, or brown rice with stir-fried veggies.

  • Eat more beans and lentils, which are packed with protein, fiber and nutrients. Add chickpeas to salads, mix rice with peas, or add mashed pinto beans to quesadillas.

  • Include more seafood in your meals. Try grilled shrimp with pasta, or whole-wheat couscous with tuna.

  • Enjoy healthier fats from olive oil, seeds and nuts.

  • Get kids involved by letting them create a trail mix with whole grain cereals, seeds and nuts.

  • Make dinner fun with dipping. Tzatziki, baba ghanoush and hummus all make delicious, nutritious dips paired with cut, crunchy vegetables.

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